Works of students of the Republic of Korea

Industrial design / Object design, Furniture design, Fashion design, Transport design

Ham Tae Uk (함태욱), Song Yeong Jun (송영준), Jung Woo Jun (정우준)

Korea University

Wink : Wearable Action Camera for Daily Communications

With the steady development of new media since the last decade, means of daily communication were slowly expanded from contact to non-contact and from verbal to non-verbal. As a result, sharing one’s recordings on social media is not just a record of special moments on a special day, but rather an act of communication between very ordinary people. WINK is designed to make video sharing more immediate and natural as a routine communication. Through this, it was intended that video filming would turn into ‘an act of natural daily record and sharing’, not ‘something that interferes with one’s daily life’.

Seo, Hyewon

Hongik College Department of Industrial Design

Color out of space

Autonomous car with new design process based on 3D sketch technology. Detailed story is in QR code.

Kim Jaein, Kim Yoona, Yoon Hannae

Korea University

Fundamental adaptation

Evolution refers to the adaptive change and development over a long period of time. However, we occasionally experience the evolution in compressed time through significant unexpected events. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people have been accustomed to the inconvenience in their own ways, now our team names them as adaptive people. Soap, freely wearing away by individuals, could show the change over time through its transformation. Being an antibiotic itself as well, it was chosen as a proper material that blended the stories of adaptive people into ‘adapting furniture’. The mass of collected soaps became the chairs resembling human life.

Kim,Won Kyoung

Daejin College Product Environment Design

Module Furniture : mof

Park Sang Woo, Im Han Seul

Department of Industrial Design Engineering, KOREATECH

Awnii (Window shaped Airwasher)

Just like opening and closing windows depending on the weather, air washing is controlled through the windows.

Park,Soo Hyun / Yun, Ji Won

Hongik College Department of Industrial Design

OMNIS – Data Marketplace

OMNIS is a data marketplace where people can buy and sell personal data. There are three scenarios for collecting and selling data based on individual’s daily behavior.

Moon Ji Woo, Kim Su Bin

Korea University


What’s your mood?

Custom Chair – Magnet attachment method allows optional changes depending on the mood of the day

Han Seunghye, Roh Sieun,
Son Soomin

Hongik College Department of Industrial Design


Voyager is AR glasses for foreign city travelers. Once users rent Voyager AR glasses with e-scooter, these glasses make city traveling richer and more convenient with a variety of AR services provided. Especially with navigating for electronic scooters integrated with scheduling app, users can easily visit unfamiliar spots in the city. Furthermore, users can watch and explore dynamic and vibrant AR guides at tourist destinations.

Son, Soo Min / Lee, Jin Seon

Hongik College Department of Industrial Design


Traverse is an Ai-embedded autonomous drone with a companion gadget, which aims for improving one’s running performance as a personal trainer for recreational runners. It can provide Personalized plan & Real-time coaching service. While running, Traverse takes photos and videos of runners to give them Form correction & Visual running feedback by tracking their posture with deep learning. It also offers several modes of running that runner can enjoy based on the mission-reward system. 6 Fish-eye lenses & image sensors inside let it fly autonomously by using Ai-tracking technology which has been used for SKYDIO2.

Bae,Yoon Su

Hongik College Department of Industrial Design

Audi Airis Symbiosis concept

By 2050, autonomous driving became popular and people forget the need to drive. But as much as in racing, they can’t forget the thrill of cheering for the driver.

I suggest new racing parodigm which human and autonomous symbiosis.


Park Gaon

Korea University

Relations Charger

Since smartphones were held in everyone’s hands, people looked into their own cell phones even though they were sitting face to face.

The same is true in spaces that we need to focus on conversation, such as restaurants, cafes, and living rooms.

As cell phones are getting better, we are gradually forgetting how to communicate with precious people.

But we still need to talk!

I believed people would start communicating again when they put down their cell phones.

How about making people charge their phones naturally during coffee time?

Park Jun Hyeok

Daegu University

Ss.m : Sound – space maker

Floor stand type speaker
creates a sound space through supercardioid sound tech

Can be adjust sound direction with reflector

Sung Ho Sung

Daegu University

Multiple Use Calendar Speaker

This device have display monitor of 11inch size (247x172mm)

And, User can be change that display’s mode
It has a lot of display mode (Calendar, clock, photo frame ) also, User can change display mode’s image that they want. Like “apple watch” and it provide speaker function too.

Multiple Use Calendar Speaker is multifunctional and user friendly Device.

Kim So Hyeon

Daegu University

Forest Sound Maker

Forest Sound maker is a white noise object that makes people feel like they are in a healing space in nature by physically listening to the sounds of nature inside the hotel, not digitally.

Kwon, Ji Soo

Daejin College Product Environment Design

Old People with Active Live

Kim Jae Yeon

Dep. of Industrial Design Engineering, Korea University of Technology and Education

Trolley for improving the work efficiency of Hairdressers

If you have ever been to a hair salon, you may have seen a trolley that is always in contact with a hairdresser. Trolleys are important things that allow hairdressers to organize and use the beauty tools they need for work. If you look at it carefully, you can see that the trolley design has been very similar for a long time. Through observation and interviews I was able to solve my curiosity about trolley, and know their grievances.

Based on observation and interviews, I wanted to find problems and redesign the tray to relieve their discomfort and improve their work efficiency.

Han Hun,  Cho Seung Hyeoun

Dep. of Industrial Design Engineering, Korea University of Technology and Education

Trolley with baskets to improve the condition of co-working space

The main task of Industrial Design Engineering in KOREATECH students is visualization (mock-up & prototype), mostly in the co-working room. However, it is difficult for a small number of managers to control all of the students, and students are faced with difficulties in organizing themselves due to various factors. The safety and efficiency of the working environment are also deteriorating as the management of the modeling room becomes difficult due to the lack of arrangement.
Therefore, in this study, the main user of the space, the worker, thought about how to improve the working environment on his own, focusing on the lack of arrangement, which is one of the causes of inefficiency in the collaboration space. Therefore, they designed portable trolley and hand tool storage bins that can be used immediately by moving them to their respective work tables with tools and consumables that are usually used in collaborative workrooms.

Ku Bon Hun, Beak Seung Jun

Sangji University Department of Industrial Design


Since the Covid-19 incident, more and more people care about personal hygiene and indoor hygiene. “Gardian” is a product designed to measure and disinfect bacterial concentrations for such people.

Kim, Jaeeun

Hongik College Department of Industrial Design


‘Trans’ is the concept of a vehicle interior as a midpoint that connects the house and the outisde. It encompasses autonomous-human driving. It is possible to drive in different modes like a moving room.

Cheolhee Lee

Yeungnam University

Beyond Pacific

Integrated cosmetic product design that extracts the skin color of patients with vitiligo like spuit.

Spatial design / Interior design, Expo design, Small architectural forms and Environmental design;

Jeong Hwa Eun

Department of Interior Design, Daelim University

Past and present together

It is a collaborative space between traditional cosmetics brands and ceramic brands located in the heart of Gangnam, Korea.

Lee, Sang A

Department of Interior Design, Daelim University

Senior Complex Cultural Facility

As Korea is aging at the fastest rate in the world, we have designed a cultural complex for the elderly as a way to solve these social problems.

Um, Young Chan

Department of Interior Design, Daelim University

Jeju Island Experience Space

Jeju Island, Korea’s largest island in the Southwest Sea, was designed to provide a place to enjoy the natural scenery of Jeju Island.

Kim, Kyoung Yoon

Daejin College Product Environment Design

Mungyeong Intercity Bus Terminal


Kim,Yeo Na

Daejin College Product Environment Design

Convalescent Hospital

Eco-friendly nursing hospital where you can interact and communicate with various people, overcome depression and boredom, narrow the generation gap, move with nature, and feel like a cozy room, not like a hospital.


Rhee, Noo Ry

Daejin College Product Environment Design

LOCCITANE x Mac Queen Flower

Kim, So yeon / Cha, Hyeon seung

Myongji College , Department of Industrial Design

Up and down square’ Yeouido Cultural Garden redesign

It is not just a square. It is a space where citizens can experience many things going up and down.

Jeon, Yu jin / Lee, Yun a

Myongji College , Department of Industrial Design

Resilience of space

‘Resilience Space’, a modular structure that can be used as a medical center and isolation in case of a disaster in a general campsite, is a flexible space available for future disaster.

KIM, Hyeong jin / Jeon, Yu jin / Lee, Yun a

Myongji College , Department of Industrial Design

Olae, Settuli

A traditional complex cultural space “Olae, Settuli” is a modern renovation space of the city’s old hanok reinterpreted in a modern way so that everyone can share and feel the forgotten Korean traditional culture.

Jo, Nam yun / Yang Su bin / Sin, Hae cheol

Myongji College , Department of Industrial Design

Together Oreum (New Co-Working Sapce)

We propose a new co-working space where you can freely communicate and share in nature.

Jo, Nam yun / Yang Su bin / Yang, Ju hui

Myongji College , Department of Industrial Design

Re-Life (5060 Health Community Center)

For the trendy 50s and 60s, we designed a new health-focused community center.

Baek, Minsoek

Sangji University Department of Industrial Design

Beyond Dimension

This space (Beyond Dimension) is a place of untact performance art created using a waste factory.

Lim, Hong Ryul

Sangji University Department of Industrial Design

If there is a will, it will finally come true

The incidence of abandoned animals increases year by year, while pet families increase

Therefore, it was designed because it needed space to treat abandoned animals and improve social awareness.

Gwon Gi Yun

Yeungnam University

Urban Beekeeping Project

Let me introduce a new city beekeeping brand that reminds you of the importance of honeybees.

Jang Jin Woo

Yeungnam University


It can a private resting area or as a means of transportation.

Kim Bo Kyeong, Min Jung Yeon

Hannam University, Department of Convergence Design

Space for children who are addicted to smartphones

As the age group using smartphones decreases, the number of children addicted to smartphones is increasing.

Therefore, we propose a natural space that improves children’s brain function and lowers their dependence on smartphones.

Kim, Hyeon Jun
Park, Jin Soo

Hannam University

Harmoni – Us

“Our Harmony_ Cultural creation exhibition Space for culturally vulnerable groups”

While cultural needs have increased, the social and economic gap between the rich and the poor is deepening. We intend to create a space that satisfies the needs of culture for the vulnerable.

Lee Ji Woo

Hannam University, Department of Convergence Design


All good things are coming

Psychological treatment center for couples suffering from Inferility, sterility, and natural abortion.

Modern people are experiencing problems such as infertility, sterility, and natural abortion due to late marriage and stress. These problems become a threat to the mental and physical health of the couple. I would like to present a space that is helpful in solving these problems.

Park, Jun Eon
Lee, Ho Seong

Hannam University, Department of Convergence Design

We Aritist !

“Exhibition space for graffiti artists”

Breaking the prejudice against graffiti and presenting a space in which the public can accept graffiti as art.

Kim Ji Eun,
Han Ja Ryoung,
Lee Su Bin

Hanbat national University, Industrial Design

Soje-Sali (Soje Living)

Soje Living is a project to live in soje-dong for a day and to feel and enjoy to the emotions of this place.

Lee Seong Un,
Park Min Young,
Park Su Min

Hanbat national University

So Je ro – So Ram teo & So Haeng gil

It aims to promote continuous meeting and development between residents and visitors by adding cultural elements unique to Soje-dong.

Yun Ji Hyang,
Lee Su Yeon,
Lee So Yeon

Hanbat national University

Sodam Garden : The story of Soje-dong comes back to life.

We are going to continue the story of the disappearing residents of Soje-dong through the common interest of Sodam Garden.

Choi Sung Hoon (최성훈), Lee Song Yup (이송엽)

Hoseo University

Sodam Garden : The story of Soje-dong comes back to life.

We are going to continue the story of the disappearing residents of Soje-dong through the common interest of Sodam Garden.

Kho, Seok Min

Hoseo University

West Sea Center

Based on the complex coastline of the West Sea and the shape of oil curves that naturally harmonize with the natural environment, such as sea and mudflats, various materials are selected to reflect the beautiful surroundings of sunset.


Hoseo University

Hydrogen Park (Clean Energy Hydrogen Charging Station with Nature)

Charging stations are needed to meet the demand for hydrogen cars, and hydrogen should be recognized as safe energy.

Jung, Haim

Hongik College Department of Industrial Design

Archive Moleskine

In medieval European monasteries, monks transcribed the Bible to cultivate their mind. The high-end notebook brand ‘Moleskine’ opens a monastery concept store named ‘Archive Moleskine’ in Seoul for Korean millennials, who need time to reflect on themselves in their hectic lives. Customers can personalize their own notebooks, make records from the scriptorium, and focus on themselves by taking various classes about writing. The space is designed in a structure in which curves overlap multiple times, inspired by the similarity between the arches of monastery and the curvature of paper. The images used etching techniques reminiscent of the Middle Ages.

Kim Jieun

Hongik College Department of Industrial Design


This project aims to turn emotion into space; Spatial Atmosphere. In particular, I focused on feelings of depression.

Seo Ha Gyung

Hongik College Department of Industrial Design


This space for fashion upcycling brand SUPER MAGIC FACTORY aims to establish fashion upcycling as a culture through enjoyable upcycling programs.

Visual Communications / Graphic Design, Media design and Digital Art

Han Hyo Jeong

Yuhan University

Spring of Hope

Many People today are tired to Covid-19, So It is that the message of hope was expressed through the design principles of repetition and rhythm with the basic elements of dots, lines, and faces. In particular, dynamic colors and combinations give life a sense of joy and rhythm.

Kim Min Kyung

Yuhan University

Vagar (Wandering)

Nature coexists with humans and gives comfort and inspiration, and people travel through life born in nature and returning to nature. However, in the 19th era of Corona, nature is not forever. If there is no place to return to nature, life will be a wandering, not a trip.

Yang Jae Seung

Yuhan University

Identity Confusion

Many People today are now stacking blocks of life without thinking about what others tell them to do, rather than building them in the shape they want, So they think they are going to a place of hope, but in fact they may be walking in same place.

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